The 12th edition of LAAD, the largest defense and security fair of Latin America, begins today

Laad, a biennial fair which, this year, is in its 12th edition, was created with the idea of generating opportunities for the defense sector. Consolidated over many years as the most important defense and security fair of Latin America, the event is restricted to the military, governments and professionals from the industry, creating an extremely professional and technical environment, key factors for the generation and fostering of business in the area.

According to the latest data, the defense industry transacted almost 400 billion dollars’ worth in global sales in 2017. If we consider extended business, such as training, construction of military bases, salaries of specialized labor, among other things, this industry turns over, internationally, around 1.2 trillion dollars per year.

Brazil is an important player in this market. In the 1980’s, it became the 6th greatest exporter in the world. Despite having lost many positions at the global level, we are still strong in certain sectors. Today, we are the 3rd biggest exporter of light weapons on the planet.

The fair enables governments and companies from different countries to meet, leading to partnerships and the development of big business deals. The event includes conventions, exhibitions and lectures about security and this year we expect to receive more than 25 thousand visitors from 25 countries. We also expect to receive 23 secretaries of State of Public Security of Brazil, 15 Ministers of International Affairs and 12 vice-ministers besides 128 official delegations from 161 countries.