Sworn Translation: what it is and what it’s for.

Different from texts such as a book, technical manual or scientific article, which can be translated by any person who feels qualified for such, a document published in a foreign language that requires official validation in Brazil will only be considered legal in the country if translated by a public (or sworn) translator, examined and qualified by the Commercial Registry of the  state where the person resides and works.

Certificates, diplomas, school transcripts, passports, professional licenses, powers of attorney, declarations, contracts, letter rogatory, legal cases and credit notes (invoices and promissory notes, etc.) are some examples of documents translated by a sworn translator.

It is important to remember that no document drafted in a foreign language is valid in Brazil, unless it is accompanied with the respective sworn translation. The translation merely accompanies the original, it does not substitute it. If it were otherwise, it would be very easy to falsify or adulterate the content of foreign documents.

This requirement originates from Federal Decree no. 13,609 of 10. 21.1943 and the sworn translation has full faith and credit, that is,  it officially reflects in Portuguese the content of the original in the foreign language. The translations done by a sworn translator into other languages are recognized by many countries. However, there are exceptions and it is essential to first ascertain whether a translation done here will be accepted abroad.

Another role of the sworn translator is to act as interpreter in court, in registry offices or other places where there is a need for interpretation, for example, at weddings of Brazilians with foreigners, in the purchase and sale of properties by foreigners, the registration of foreign children born in Brazil, in court hearings, etc.

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