The film, “O Tradutor” debuts tomorrow in cinemas throughout Brazil

The film, “O Tradutor” (The Translator), starring Rodrigo Santoro, 43, debuts tomorrow in Brazilian cinemas and tells the story of a Cuban teacher of literature who goes through a life-changing experience when invited to work as a translator (interpreter) from Russian to Spanish at a Cuban hospital. What he was […]


Translation and localization market reaches US$ 43.08 Bi

The global translation market will expand to US$ 43.08 billion in 2017, according to an independent study of the market research firm, Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research). CSA Research surveyed service providers on all continents to gather data relating to the current reported revenue for 2015, 2016, and expected revenue […]


Do you know what “Localize your brand” means?

More than 50 years ago, the philosopher, Marshall McLuhan said that the world had become a global village. And thanks to advancements in modern communication, we now live in a “simultaneous happening”, where world culture is shared through technology and people are connected in a way that McLuhan could never […]


Sworn Translation: what it is and what it’s for.

Different from texts such as a book, technical manual or scientific article, which can be translated by any person who feels qualified for such, a document published in a foreign language that requires official validation in Brazil will only be considered legal in the country if translated by a public […]


How often have you needed subtitles?

The audiovisual market is growing and generating cultural and economic wealth. The audiovisual market is growing throughout the world, in consonance with the demand for cable TV, digital television and principally streaming services. In Brazil, according to a study published by Ancine (National Cinema Agency), the Brazilian audiovisual industry was […]