Sworn Translation

Generally used for legal documents, sworn translation needs to be performed by a professional qualified through official examination: The Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter, popularly known as a Sworn Translator.

Brazilian Legislation requires foreign documents to be accompanied with a sworn translation so that these may be considered valid in Brazil. Regarding sworn translations from Portuguese to foreign languages, the need for the translation is determined by the legislation of the country of destination. Sworn translation, as a standard, is performed from original documents, however, the translator can use copies or electronic documents, provided the nature of the base text is mentioned (original document, authenticated copy, simple copy, electronic file, fax, etc.).

One of the general directors of Flash Traduções is the Sworn Translator, Paulo Macedo, supported by a team of sworn translators in more than 10 languages: from the more common, English, Spanish, French and Mandarin, to more exotic languages such as Arabic, Dutch and Norwegian.

According to decree No. 13,609 (of October 21, 1943, chapter III, article 18): “No book, document or paper of any kind that was drafted in a foreign language will be valid before any agency of the Federal Government and local authorities, at any level, Judicial District or Court or before entities maintained, supervised or directed by the public authorities, without being accompanied with the respective translation made in compliance with this regulation”.