These days, we live in world where thousands of videos are produced each minute. Thousands of people have access to these videos in the most diverse spots around the globe. Diverse types of content make the world go around: ranging from multi-million-dollar cinematographic productions to small institutional videos used in international training courses. The fact is, that at any one of these extremes, we will need a service that goes beyond subtitling: a service that puts the dialogue in the context of what is being seen, besides preserving 100% of the script and of the original idea. We are referring to audio-visual localization.

Flash Traduções has a team that is specialized and has a passion for the art of making audio-visual productions available worldwide. We offer the subtitling service in various languages, ranging from advertising campaigns, digital campaigns, video manuals of products, training courses, to institutional information communications, among other things.

Our team is used to working according to a high standard of quality, imposed by the television and cinematographic industry, principally regarding the format and extension of files, size and font color, besides meeting the client’s deadline and criteria with respect to processes of approval and revision.