Our Mission

Bringing cultures together and connecting businesses: that is our main mission!

Increasingly globalized companies, people of different nationalities co-existing in the same environment and a world more and more without frontiers: in this scenario, language can be a problem, one that requires a facilitator. Translating makes it possible for the world to communicate, allowing cultures to relate to each other, and more than this, to share their experiences.

Translating is connecting, enabling. Understanding this concept, we perceive the importance of our business. The care we take is vital, from the first contact with the client, where we seek first to understand the objective of the project, up to the moment of delivery, where we perform the entire translation process with quality and refinement.

Flash, with almost 28 years’ experience in the market, is a reference of national and international quality, meeting the needs of major businesses from various segments. Our greatest differential? The care we take in offering an exclusive service and the passion we have for each project. And, we mean passion! These are the main reasons why we always have solid and long-lasting relationships of partnership and credibility with each one of our clients.